WHAMO 001 : Orbits – Tunguska


Tunguska by Melbourne three piece Orbits is the first release on my new label Whalesmouth.

Recorded over two nights at The Catfish in Fitzroy (the venue that also hosts Formless Mondays, the ongoing gig series that I organise), Tunguska captures the live dynamic of the Orbits sound – opening wormholes of psychedelic sound through organic improvisation and the subversion of sonic structures. I’m thrilled to have it as my first release on Whalesmouth. Edition of 100 cassettes and full album stream will be available Tuesday 9.6.2014, Australian standard eastern time.
Photos below from the recording sessions, with thanks to Josh Kenk.

A007914-R1-04-21 (1)

A007914-R1-03-22 A007914-R1-10-15 A007914-R1-13-12 A007914-R1-14-11 A007914-R1-15-10 A007914-R1-17-8 A007914-R1-24-1 A007914-R2-04-21

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